There is a question as to whether a substance as powerful as Ayahuasca was present in the ancient traditions of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Cocaine and nicotine are both found in many of the mummies in Egypt (1). Cocaine is only produced from coca plant, found only in North America; therefore, the Egyptians traveled to Peru. This is not so difficult to accept if one examines the extreme similarity in the make of boats between the people of Lake Titikaka and the Nile.


Is it really a stretch to imagine the Sacred Vine of Ayahuasca making its away to Africa and the Middle East?

       “Surprising at it may seem, evidence for early ocean voyages to America from the Old World is not lacking – nor is it negligibly verifiable.   Within the last two years, two periodicals, focusing on these contacts have been established.   The first, entitled Pre-Columbiana, is edited by Stephen C. Jett, Professor of Clothings and Textiles at the University of California, Davis; the second is entitled Migration and Diffusion and is edited by Professor Christine Pellek in Vienna, Italy.   There is certainly quite a bit of spurious reports of early contacts from the Old World, however, a general disregard for all of the evidence is, anymore, itself evidence of academic negligence, as these two periodicals indicate.” (2)

800px-nasr_ol_molk_mosque_vault_ceiling_2From the Mysteries of Eleusis to the Sufic initiations, the Middle East is home to art that boasts of the third-eye awakening, whether prescribed by scripture or not.


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