For centuries, the legends of inner worlds were passed down in every culture’s tradition of initiation. Across the planet, these “legends” persist as calls to a new generation to remember our past and embrace our future. If these were done so long ago without the aid of carbon tools, what could we create by studying them?

Let’s look at some examples of high technology cave cultures around the world.

1) Longyou Caves in China

Location: Located near the village of Shiyan Beicun in Zhejiang province, China
History: Discovered in 1992 by a villager, this cave spans a massive 30,000 square meters and consists of 36 individual grottoes. Pillars, stone rooms, bridges, gutters, and pools suggest easy habitation in this place, similar to what has been found in sites like this across the globe.


In addition to clear machine cut tool techniques, the Longyou caves offer impossibly high ceilings and pillars mathematically structured to sustain the changes of the earth over time.

2) The Hypogeum at Malta

For years, this site has been solely protected by a tight-nit organization called the Knights of Malta. You may remember them from your history books…or not, because they are rather secretive in their workings. In 1902, the site was originally excavated under the keep of the Jesuit priest Father Manuel Magri, but when he died suddenly (hmm…smelling a bit fishy), his work was turned over–wait for it–to a guy named THEMISTOCLES Zammit.

He was a product of Malta itself and eventually knighted by the Queen, so you can totally trust that he didn’t throw out any artifacts or change history in the favor of the colonial mindset in any way.

The only truth is your own mind:

3) finally, Derenkuyu, in Capadocia, Turkey. Capable of holding 20,000 people, this cave would have been a perfect getaway for a pesky group of prophetically minded people wanting to survive a global cataclysm…or something along those lines.