For over 70,000 years, Devetashka Cave has been used by humans as a spiritual center, meeting place, and ceremonial portal to the shamanic worlds of ancient people. Located near the village of Devetaki on the east bank of the river Osam, in Bulgaria, the cave’s evidence of human habitation carbon dates to 70,000 years.


Is there evidence that parts of the cave were altered by humans? Is there evidence of higher technology involved? The region boasts magnificent caverns as well as ancient art.



On the day of the Spring Equinox – March 21, the light passing through “the eyes” shines on an alcove filled with water. This suggests that the cave might have been used by the local population for religious ceremonies related to the beginning of the spring.

Archaeological material found in the Tamnata (Dark) cave which is located just next to Prohodna cave testifies that humans used this cave system since the Upper Paleolithic time.





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